1. New Materials to Meet Therapeutic Outcomes
    New Materials to Meet Therapeutic Outcomes
    the impact that chemical approaches can have on drug delivery is highlighted by Professor Vegas' postdoctoral work, featured on the cover of Nature Medicine.
  2. Overcoming Physiological 
    Overcoming Physiological Barriers
    our goal is to develop delivery technologies that control where therapeutics go in the body
  3. In Vivo Testing of Our Delivery Technologies
    In Vivo Testing of Our Delivery Technologies
    delivery systems created in our lab are evaluated for their biological performance and therapeutic outcomes in vivo.
  4. Tissue-Targeted Therapeutics
    Tissue-Targeted Therapeutics
    we develop molecular strategies to localize therapeutics to the appropriate disease-bearing tissues
  5. Design and Synthesis of Small-Molecule Targeting Agents
    Design and Synthesis of Small-Molecule Targeting Agents
    we synthesize novel small molecules that can serve as targeting agents for therapeutics
  6. Delivery of Potent Payloads
    Delivery of Potent Payloads
    our targeting agents will be implemented utilizing both conjugate-based and nanoparticle-based approaches to deliver potent therapeutic payloads to diseased tissues

Targeted Drug Delivery

We utilize modern synthetic and chemical approaches to develop targeted delivery technologies and overcome physiological barriers to therapy.
Vegas Lab News
Welcome Kelly, William, Sean, and Ziyi!
The Vegas Lab is Awarded a NIH Innovator Type 1 Diabetes Pathfinder Grant!
The lab welcomes this enthusiastic cadre of  first year graduate students in the Chemistry Department. With diverse interests spanning from diabetes and cancer, this group is ready to tackle drug delivery challenges and make an impact. 
The goal of this DP2 award mechanism is to support early stage investigators and their programs which display exceptional creativity by proposing bold and highly innovative new research approaches with the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important problems relevant to type 1 diabetes and its complications. The lab is ready to take on T1DM!
JDecember 10th 2016
September 20th 2016
Arturo is awarded a Peter Paul Career Development Professorship!
Welcome Lan Luo!
One of the most prestigious awards bestowed by Boston University, the Peter Paul Career Development Professorship recognizes outstanding young faculty with exceptional promise in their respective fields. 
The lab welcomes Lan Luo as its newest Postdoctoal fellow. Lan received doctoral training at the University of Chicago under the guidance of Professors Yamamoto and Rawal. Highly trained in both natural product synthesis and chemical methodology, Lan was awarded a BUnano fellowship apply her synthetic skills to developing new delivery technologies to overcome the blood-brain barrier.
August 31st 2016
August 15th 2016
Professor Arturo J. Vegas